Who: We will attempt to give you a world view on whose being targeted

What:  We will attempt to provide with information on the types of ransomware in use

Why: We will help you to understand the vulnerabilities, causes and prevention of attacks

Georgia State Patrol hit by ransomware attack

Lt. Stephanie Stallings with Georgia State Patrol said a Department of Public Safety employee got a notification on their computer Friday morning and notified their IT department.

“They just had a message pop up on their screen “ATLANTA (WGCL/CNN) “READ MORE

What’s cybercriminals’ most effective weapon in a ransomware attack?

Cybercriminals’ most effective weapon in a ransomware attack is the network itself, which enables the malicious encryption of shared files on network servers, especially files stored in infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) cloud providers, says Vectra. “helpnetsecurity.com” READ MORE

More than 99% of cyberattacks rely on human interaction

Cybercriminals target people, rather than systems and infrastructure, to install malware, initiate fraudulent transactions, steal data, and more, according to Proofpoint

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